Play time hours
Mon Tue wed Friday Sat 4pm to 12am Est
Off thurs and Sunday
By appointment only

For years I have been locked away from crowds. Some freak accident of experiment that Mommy got saddled with. At least that is what Mommy tells me each time she puts me on the track. She’s got a 1000 a day coke habit that someone has to support.

That would be basically where I come in. I find the marks to rob or kill and take those greenbacks before finally pulling the trigger. It’s just one of those circumstances of how vindictive and evil I have become!

The more blood spilled the better the nut! The times when I am not killing or fucking up some dude at the command of Mommy I am laying on some flimsy mattress of a crack house!

Any Daddy that needs cum snot spilled? That would be my job! Sometimes I give my little young batter milk pussy to these assholes willingly. More often than not it’s taken. I must be pretty crazy to use the taste of their cum spit to draw their offspring in for keeps! 

NO Connection Fee Ever Credit/Debit/Gift Cards Accepted $2.00 a min with a 10 minute minimum 

We are a direct dial company, so generally, you will get the phone sex operator you called.
If she is not available when you call to check out one of our girls to satisfy your needs at

Billed Discreetly as BYB Incorporated/Web tokens
All calls are billed by the minute $2.00 US | $2.50 Int & Canada –We Take It All–with a 10 minute minimum

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